Workshop: Creating a culture of innovation

Workshop: Creating a culture of innovation

This workshop is designed to support companies looking to stay ahead of the field by creating a culture of innovation. Harness the innate creativity within your organisation to generate new ideas that increase revenue, productivity, and employee engagement.

How does it work?

This one-day workshop invites contributors from across the business, from your sales and marketing experts through to your finance, HR and front of house heroes.

Stepping away from the day-to-day, our contribution cohort will step into a playful zone of creativity. Think sticky notes, whiteboards, rolls of paper and big markers. Throw in some timers and snacks to keep things ticking along nicely.

Through a series of independently facilitated exercises we push the boundaries of the usual business mindset, creating a safe space for exploration and innovative solution generation. Everyone is given equal opportunity and all ideas carry equal value.

Tried and trusted exercises are at the core of this workshop, based on Design Thinking principles developed by the likes of Google Ventures and Stanford Design School.


  • Introduce the core framework we’ll use and outline the creativity process
  • How to collect challenges, ideas and inspiration needed to define the scope for projects or defining a challenge
  • Tools and exercises to aid choosing what challenges to focus on and what to ignore.


  • How to generate lots of solutions to our prioritised challenge - two step session: first mass idea generation, then prioritisation
  • Final session is focused on delivering! We’ll go through exercises that demonstrate effective ways to go from ideas to choosing what to commit to and execute on.

What are the benefits?

The aim of this workshop is to lay the foundations for a culture of creative thinking within your business, and harness the true potential of your team.

Innovation is best achieved by companies willing to travel outside comfort zones. When we hire talented people to carry out their specific specialism in we can easily fall into linear, focused thinking. The opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and truly creative thinking can be easily overlooked.

We believe that talent at every level and in every area of your business can make a valid contribution to innovation. Sometimes we just need the permission, freedom and environment to play.


  • A catalogue of innovation ideas
  • A top prioritised challenge worked on live in the workshop with an action plan to execute
  • A motivated and valued team that can act as catalysts when back in the office to showcase their new skills
  • A culture of creative thinking and the tools to nurture innovation

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