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The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
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How do you facilitate the training of medical professionals across the world?

Dedicated to the education and training of doctors since 1654, The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) is a postgraduate medical training college equipping doctors across the world with the skills to provide patients with the best possible care.

With such a rich history and large membership body, RCPI had become reliant on outdated infrastructure and a complex network of third party vendors when they brought us on board to assist their digital transformation. We worked with all aspects of the organisation to assess requirements and generate buy-in before embarking on a large scale bespoke build.

What We Did

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We led a review of all digital touchpoints and conducted in-depth customer and stakeholder research to design a new fit-for-purpose digital strategy.  Focusing on members' needs, we streamlined the user journey and brought vendors together to ease administrative burdens.

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A bespoke system DataHub was designed to transform RCPI data management by integrating third-party vendor systems - a first for the business. A fresh website and App improved accessibility for members, personalising content and making services available securely online and on the move.

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A digital brand was developed to communicate a clean, consistent story across all digital touchpoints. A digital content guide ensured a unified tone, a new taxonomy made sure data was reliable and not replicated, while a bold colour palette was used for categorisation to aid navigation.

Our new digital infrastructure gives us the power and flexibility to do what we set out to do - grow our membership and deliver better, more effective digital services that help our members take ownership of their learning experience to become world-class physicians.
Adrian Rath, ICT Manager, RCPI

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