Nivo, a total messaging solution instantly connecting financial service providers

Nivo, a total messaging solution instantly connecting financial service providers

How do expand a credible industry reputation into a successful employer brand?

Nivo is a verified identity messaging solution developed to securely and seamlessly connect financial service providers and customers.

With a strong identity and credibility within the financial services industry established, Nivo needed to raise their online profile and grow their team to keep pace with growing demand.

The most important part of a growing company are the people who work there. By investing in their employer brand, Nivo increased employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and significantly, advocacy.

Your employer brand is your company’s reputation, it reflects the values that make up your company DNA and the culture, value, benefits, career development, and work-life balance you offer employees.

It is fundamental to startup success and differentiates from competitors.

What we did

When Nivo engaged Eleven we focused on three key areas under our Employer Branding offering:

  • Strengthening the identity
  • Internal activation
  • Recruitment

Creating a sense of identity for Nivo

Discovery workshops with key stakeholders and the wider team enabled us to really get to know Nivo and understand what they wanted to be known for. This was complemented by market research to see where they currently fit.

Focusing on a growth strategy, we devised an identity that reflected the energy and momentum of the team and created a fresh positioning statement and Point of View following the Play Bigger programme.

Nivo interviews

Internal activation

Employees were encouraged to share a personal narrative on LinkedIn in line with the newly defined employee value proposition.

The team participated in Meet the Nivo team interviews, sharing details on a day-in-the-life of an employee, core job responsibilities, and key interests.


Nivo used their new positive employer brand to hire new recruits for their SDR and tech team, saving their cost per hire, and reducing staff turnover.

Nivo SDR and tech team
"The number of candidates applying for the latest software engineer roles has been huge and a number of those candidates said they aligned to our company values and felt they knew the team already because of the Meet the Nivo team interviews."
David Morgan-Brown, CTO

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