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What is a Content Strategy?

A content strategy sets a path to create, distribute and track the usage of content in relation to the customer journey and marketing touch points in the sales funnel.

Building a successful strategy takes time, organisation and creativity. You need to create a foundation for all your stakeholder communications and add the right technology to manage your content at the right stage.






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The Importance of Strategy in Content Creation.

You've probably heard how important content creation is for the growth of your business, but we'd argue that for your content to work hard you need a well-planned purpose first.

The strategic planning process are the steps that you go through as a business to determine:

  • The direction of your business (Vision)
  • What you're going to do and for whom (Mission)
  • How to measure it and guide your strategy to get to where you want to be (Goals)

Making better business decisions depends on the level of insight you can gather from key stakeholders.

Discovery Survey: Finding the right answers starts with asking the right questions. From personas and customer journeys to brand awareness and market engagement, gathering data provides the information that will influence your content efforts.

Competitor Analysis: Identifying major competitors and researching their products, sales, and marketing strategies creates a baseline for your market enabling you to plot where your business currently sits, where you want to get to and how you're going to get there.


Content production is a process not a goal. It's a process of creating content for a defined audience. It involves working out who you want to speak to, what you want to say and what you want them to do.

The type of content you are producing will determine how you produce it.

Source content - is content with a single topic produced in a definitive way. The goal is to create thought leadership and establish authority in your market.

Gated content - is content exchanged for data. Gated content is used to establish a connection with a stakeholder.

Campaign content - is a series of regularly produced content. Campaign content creates brand awareness among the desired audience.


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