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What is Content Promotion?

Content promotion is the process of distributing content via multi-channels to drive digital traffic and increase brand awareness.

The aim isn’t to hard sell your products or services, it is to share your content, curate industry trends and build a reputation of thought leadership and reliability.






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Owned distribution


Non owned distribution


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The Importance of Content Promotion.

Creating great content is obviously an important part of any content marketing plan, but your job doesn’t end as soon as you hit the publish button.

The key to successful content promotion is finding the places where your target audience spent their time online and taking your content to them, driving them back to your platform to drive traffic, engagement and conversion rates.

Building a loyal, subscribed audience who will interact with your brand beyond buying from you drives value and expands your reach.

Your brand has two audiences that provide value:

  • Desired audience - the audience you're creating content to for.
  • Actual audience - the audience curated through the content created.

Done well it can be easier to build a personalised connection and track ROI with a subscriber because subscribers have opted-in to hear from you.


Owned distribution refers to publishing content into a platform or channel you have complete control over - how it's read, consumed, produced and promoted.

This includes:

  • Content Platform
  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Additional collateral - PDF, eBooks, printed literature, stakeholder decks
  • Organic social media

Earned distribution involves third party sharing and publication of your content to reach a wider audience, validate the quality and boost credibility.

This includes:

  • Social media - shares, comments, mentions, tweets, reposts etc.
  • Reviews
  • PR
  • Content syndication
  • Organic rankings on search engines

Getting your content in front of a different audience, who would otherwise not even know it exists drives more traffic to your site, builds brand awareness and authority in the market.

Paid distribution refers to paying for third party channels to promote your content, reach desired audiences and drive traffic to owned channels.

This includes:

  • GoogleAds
  • Sponsored social advertising
  • Paid content syndication

Paying for content distribution can get expensive quickly, completing a thorougher promotion strategy with advertising budgets is a good place to start.

Entering the business or specific projects is a great way to grow brand awareness to both potential clients and the wider industry.

Award wins build trust and benchmark your performance internally and externally.

  • What are you doing well that your competition isn’t?
  • What are your competition doing well that you aren’t?
  • What can you learn from your competition to do even better?

To gauge if your efforts are driving the intended user behaviour, you need to measure the percentage of users who completed that action before and after the intervention.

This includes:

  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Retention
  • Engagement
  • Social media engagement
  • SEO performance

Tracking, measuring and managing data collection to gain insights into content performance with provide a baseline and define future goals.

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