Webinar as a Service


An end-to-end webinar, without the hassle

Let our experienced team deliver a complete webinar experience for you. We’ll create the content, acquire attendees and even convert them into revenue.


Set your KPIs, watch us smash them

We work closely with your team to define success. Then deliver a webinar which increases pipeline, fast.

How it works

1. Create webinar content

Provide your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and topic. We then create webinar title, synopsis and recommend speakers.

2. Acquire attendees

A target invite list and registration page are created for you. Then our email campaign drives registrations. Next, we remind registrants to attend.

3. Run webinar

All of the tools needed to run the event, including webinar platform, polls and surveys are setup and run by our team for you.

4. Real-time attendee qualification

We craft survey questions which are used to qualify your attendees during the webinar. This data allows us to identify and prioritise high intent leads, then personalise follow ups.

5. Follow up with attendees

Attendees are followed up instantly with personalised next steps emails and calls (e.g. attend a pre-sales workshop, forward requested content, etc.)

6. Attendees converted into revenue

First, we book meetings with high intent attendees for your sales team. Then we provide metrics to demonstrate the webinar campaign ROl.

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