Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Understanding your target personas and creating a framework for your brand lays the foundation for activity to follow.

We use a mix of market research and collaborative stakeholder workshops to define a content roadmap and acceleration strategy that will put you ahead of the competition.

If you need to prioritise in-house talent to commercial and technical goals, our consultancy provides affordable marketing direction as light-touch or in-depth as your business requires.

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Gaining clarity on your business proposition, visibility of opportunities and threats and most crucially, alignment of key stakeholders, are just a few of the positive outcomes a marketing discovery session can produce.

A facilitated discovery session is a great way to gain an objective viewpoint at a critical juncture in your company’s growth, and sets the groundwork for a marketing strategy fuelled by fit-for-purpose content.

We encourage collaboration and conversation to create alignment on goals, personas and strategy and provide actionable insights as a result.

Brand Framework

Powerful communications require a strong and consistent brand.

Using insights generated from Discovery we will document a brand framework as a key tool for sales, marketing, content and PR and to direct third party content production as required.

Briefly compromising your vision, values, unique market proposition, lead messages, keywords and tone of voice, a brand framework creates a solid foundation to build a memorable and remarkable brand.

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Market Research & Marketing Strategy


We’ll help you make data-driven decisions by reviewing the market for business trends and insights. We’ll conduct customer research to understand behaviours, drivers, pain points and places to find them. We’ll analyse key competitors to identify best practice, opportunities and threats. We’ll also review your marketing operations; assessing the digital tools you have in place for communications, outreach and client relationship management.


Through research we’ll provide recommendations on marketing time and spend and the best channels to use, propose campaign ideas and digital marketing and data management tools and can provide a content roadmap to get you started.

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