Free downloads and resources

Free downloads and resources

Free Digital Transformation Checklist

Digital is driving a sea change in how we do business, from customer service and marketing, to sales, HR and even finance - are you ready?

Digital transformation can help you embed the right technologies, people and processes to put you ahead of the curve but knowing where to start can be tough.

Our free digital transformation checklist will ask you the right questions when considering digital transformation, so you can decide what you exactly you want to achieve, and how.

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Six Marketing Metrics Your Board Needs To Know About

As marketers, we work tirelessly to move the needle on what often seems like a laundry list of metrics.

We look at website visits, conversion rates, generated leads per channel, engagement on social media platforms, blog post shares, email click-through rates... and the list goes on and on.  When the time comes to present the impact of your marketing efforts to your boss, you can’t present him or her with everything you measure.

This guide will help you prioritise the metrics that matter. The one’s that matter - the ones your board really wants to know about.