Unmade, Global Fashion Software Company

Unmade, Global Fashion Software Company

How do you elevate an ambitious brand voice to the same level as their commercial goals?

Unnmade Website and Whitepaper presented on a Mac, iPhone, Macbook and iPad

Creators of software operating platform UnmadeOS on a mission to bring the fashion and sportswear value-chains into the 21st century by connecting demand directly to production.

What We Did

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We workshopped, defined and created a comprehensive brand framework and True North document. Used to articulate Unmade's brand story and mission in an impactful way that remained consistent across all touchpoints with the market and built on their brand.

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We built a technical infrastructure designed to deliver the same sophisticated interactivity and immersive experiences seen in mobile applications and desktop software, specifically focussed on the approach to delivering an ongoing pipeline of content throughout the website’s lifecycle.

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We produced and delivered a wide assortment of original content designed to address stakeholder needs and questions during any engagement with Unmade, ensuring they consistently delivered value across a variety of digital multi-channels.

Eleven have been integral to the content generation at Unmade. From the initial workshop it was clear that Eleven understood us as a scaling startup and worked closely with us to create thought provoking and well researched content.
Ellie Savage, Unmade Marketing Manager

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