B-Secur, ECG Biometric Technology Experts

B-Secur, ECG Biometric Technology Experts

How do you help a dynamic startup build a credible digital brand from a great idea?

Creators of ECG biometric algorithm suite HeartKey®, B-Secur is on a mission to revolutionise the way people experience technology in the connected world, every day, by using their unique heartbeat.

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What We Did

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We defined a content marketing strategy to drive profitable customer action, that included a roadmap for B-Secur based on their market competitors, goals and objectives.

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Partners since 2015, we have seen B-Secur pivot their service and recently completed the third iteration of their technical infrastructure without needing to scrap the entire platform.

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We developed a strong brand identity and key message for B-Secur through high quality content that established them as pioneers in their field and created customer attraction.

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We planned, executed and measured numerous multi-purpose content campaigns that run throughout the year devised to support B-Secur's commercial goals and drive customer acquisition.

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Using a carefully defined and deliberate bespoke strategy we promoted B-Secur across the multi-channels used by their target audience to ensure maximum visibility.

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We have established a strong online credibility with our customers and stakeholders globally, which we simply couldn't have done without Eleven
Alan Foreman, B-Secur CEO

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