Hi there, I hope this finds you well during our second national lockdown.

With recent news of successful vaccine trials, we can now look forward with optimism. The pandemic has been a testing time for all, that said, there has been positive change amid the crisis that we can applaud too.

Digital transformation has accelerated to accommodate remote working and facilitate a no-contact supply of services, and flexible working practices to support personal circumstances have become normalised. Networking has broken geographical barriers at an advanced pace to what was happening pre-Covid - something we'll talk more on next month. And we've also noticed how business relationships feel more authentic as we're placed into each others homes on video conference calls.

Read on to find out more about how businesses can be more sustainable with production driven by demand, for a few brand building tips if you're launching or pivoting your business and for some shared insights from Bill Gates and TechStars.

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Production driven by demand: The sustainable future of fashion

COVID-19 is exposing and accelerating weaknesses among brands who are heavily dependent on wholesale, and lacking a direct consumer relationship.

Unmade believe there’s an opportunity for brands to not give up but to further re-evaluate production processes to be more sustainable.

Read our client Unmade's article series Fashion's New Rules for great insights on the demise of fast-fashion.


How to Begin Brand Building

While we cannot underestimate the negative impact on many businesses, we should applaud the resilience and adaptation of many, and in times of crisis it's always encouraging to see how innovation abounds.

If you are launching a new businesses, or repositioning an existing, here are some tips on how to build a brand.

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Podcast recommendation: Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions

Bill Gates predicted the pandemic, and his foundation has been instrumental in treating infectious disease for decades now. Check out his latest podcast series with actress and writer Rashida Jones as they tackle some of the biggest questions facing us today - starting with "What will the world look like after Covid-19?" Spoiler - Bill Gates thinks the world will be a better place in twenty years time!

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Future-proofing in times of crisis: Accelerating innovation

TechStars discuss that while the global pandemic might seem like the perfect time for business to wait for stability, past crises show that companies should not shut the door on innovation.

Innovation is essentially born from breaking with tradition. To achieve this requires radically different thinking — and this is thinking more geared to startups than corporations.

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