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Did you know that the pandemic has advanced the digital landscape by five years? That’s according to two significant reports by Accenture and McKinsey.

Reading these reports got me thinking… we’ve all experienced this shift to some extent - from zoom calls to sourcing everything online - so what are the implications for businesses on the other side of lockdown? Critically, there’s an increased level of expectation.

As we up-skill in our personal capacity we carry this through to our professional demands. The tolerance for businesses that don’t offer a digital customer experience is diminishing.

The implication here for businesses to up their digital marketing game is evident, but it also goes deeper through all operational activity and into your supply chain.

Can your business use this digital shift as a catalyst not a curse?

We call this being Digitally Fit. It’s about ensuring your front-of-house is up-to-date. This means you have an online presence and your marketing strategy is making the most of the different digital communication channels. Our latest blog post Getting digitally fit for the future covers the basics to get you started.

On this topic, we’re excited to be starting a new venture this month, working with a social enterprise to trial a new approach to providing healthcare information. We’re using tablets (computer not medicinal) to provide content in a more engaging way direct to those that need it. As the project develops I will share more detail with you all.

My recommended listen for the month is a podcast from Deloitte. This 12th episode of Tech Trends - Lead with confidence focuses on the catalyst for digital change and the accelerating trends already in motion with no sign of slowing down.

Thanks for reading - I hope you have found some topics interesting here. I’d love you to join in the conversation on LinkedIn or just drop me a line back.



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