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Blog - We believe in sharing knowledge. What we know, you'll know.
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Eleven Newsletter – October 2020

Featuring Eleven insights, new digital tools and the end of third party cookies

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Public Health England’s Excel Nightmare

File size limitations and poorly chosen tools led to huge headaches for Public Health England. Let's consider what we can learn from their mistakes.

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Don’t Start With a Marketing Brief

Don't deliberate on that marketing brief, let's co-design and collaborate.

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Why Your Website Matters in Content Marketing

Eleven Digital: Good content is what sets your website apart and delivers the right message to your audience

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Biggest Scaleup Challenge: Recruitment Not Investment

83% of businesses report serious consequences of not being able to find the right talent

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Defining Purpose Drives High Quality Content Marketing

66% would switch from a product they often buy, to a new product from a purpose-driven company

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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Email Marketing

This week, we’re discussing the importance of using email marketing within your marketing strategy.

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