We're a team of strategists, writers, designers, social media marketers and digital and tech experts empowering scaling businesses with high quality content. We draw on our expertise in partnership with businesses that are disruptive by nature to find the winning formula.

Where we began

We started the business in 2012 as Discerning Digital, one the UK's first dedicated practical digital transformation agencies.

We worked with some amazing companies, helping them get fit for the digital future with complex system integrations and digital product builds, all unpinned by intelligent considered strategy.

As the market matured and moved in different directions we found ourselves developing a passion for the outcomes of our work and increasingly focusing more on the content our clients were producing to connect with their audience.

Now, we are Eleven!

WeWork, Dalton Street

Our Principles


We pride ourselves on straightforward strategy and delivery that you can be a part of. Our best partnerships are built on trust and respect, for this very reason.


We understand the need to move fast and deliver rapid impact. We can move as fast as you need, and in our experience, most of the time, we’re faster.


The world needs more insight, not more boring reports. We work hard to extract valuable insight from our work together, to steer and adapt as we go.

Founding Theory

Research by Google tells us most consumers need seven hours of interaction, across 11 touch points, before making a buying decision.

These touch points can include articles, white papers, emails, site pages, social media posts, videos, adverts and more - are you giving your customers seven hours of compelling content?

Zero Moment of Truth

Our Story

Our tried and tested approach to content takes you from strategy to promotion with identity and campaigns in between.

We've supported businesses at various phases to define, sharpen or create content that aligns with their mission.

Our Work

We empower scaling B2B businesses with high quality content to win customers and engage stakeholders.

Our Work